Jaisalmer Family Tour

3 days / 2 nights
Age Group
13-60 years
Max Altitude
550 ft
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Jaisalmer, often referred to as the "Golden City," is a mesmerizing gem nestled in the heart of the Thar Desert in the Indian state of Rajasthan. With its iconic golden sandstone architecture, historic forts, and enchanting sand dunes, the city promises a magical experience for families. Here's an overview of what a family trip to Jaisalmer can offer:



Departure From


Jeep Safari
Camel Safari
Cultural Program
Jaisalmer Fort
Ghadisar Lake
War Museum
Kuldhara Hunting Village
The Great Indian Thar Desert
  • Arrival and Jaisalmer Exploration

    Day 1

    • Arrival: Arrive in Jaisalmer and check in at your hotel.

    • War Museum: Explore the Jaisalmer War Museum.

    • Jaisalmer Fort: Visit the iconic Jaisalmer Fort and witness a stunning sunset.

    • Dinner: Savor dinner at your hotel or a local restaurant.

    • Evening Leisure: Enjoy a relaxed evening.

    Stay tuned for Day 2, filled with desert adventures and cultural experiences.

  • Desert Adventures and Cultural Exploration

    Day 2

    • Breakfast: Begin your day with a delicious breakfast at the hotel.
    • Badabagh: Explore Badabagh, known for its cenotaphs and desert landscape.
    • Kuldhara Haunted Village: Visit the intriguing Kuldhara Haunted Village.
    • Sam Dunes: Check in to your desert tent at Sam Dunes, your base for the evening.
    • Desert Safari: Experience the thrill of a jeep and camel safari, including a stunning sunset in the Thar Desert.
    • Traditional Welcome: Receive a traditional Rajasthani welcome upon your return to the tent city.
    • Cultural Program: Enjoy Rajasthani folk music and dance performances.
    • Dinner: Savor a delectable Rajasthani dinner.
    • Evening Under the Stars: Spend a memorable evening by the bonfire.
    • Overnight Stay: Retire to your comfortable desert tent for a peaceful night's rest.

    Stay tuned for more desert adventures on Day 3 of your Jaisalmer family trip.


  • City Exploration, Shopping, and Departure

    Day 3

    • Breakfast: Start your day with a wholesome breakfast at your camp.
    • City Visit: Embark on a city tour that includes a visit to the famous Patwa Haveli. Explore the intricate architecture and history of this stunning mansion.
    • Shopping: Spend your free time shopping for souvenirs and mementos. Jaisalmer's vibrant markets offer a wide range of handicrafts, textiles, and keepsakes.
    • Gadisar Lake Meetup: In the evening, gather at the serene Gadisar Lake. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere, and if time permits, take a boat ride. It's a perfect setting for a family photo.
    • Dinner: Have a delicious and light dinner, reflecting on the unforgettable experiences of your Jaisalmer trip.
    • Move From Jaisalmer: Bid farewell to the Golden City, carrying warm memories and souvenirs with you. You'll leave with a deeper appreciation of Jaisalmer's rich culture and history.

    Your 3-day family Tour in Jaisalmer concludes, but the cherished moments and stories will stay with you forever. Safe travels as you journey back home with the enchantment of Rajasthan in your heart.


Jaisalmer Fort: Built in 1156 AD, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the world's last "living forts," where nearly a quarter of the city's population still resides. Families can wander through its narrow lanes, visit ancient temples, and shop for local handicrafts.

Sam Sand Dunes: Located on the outskirts of Jaisalmer, these dunes are a must-visit. Families can enjoy camel rides, watch mesmerizing sunsets, and experience traditional Rajasthani music and dance during the evening cultural programs.

Patwon Ki Haveli: An epitome of grandeur, this is a collection of five havelis, showcasing intricate architecture and carved designs. It offers a peek into the affluent lifestyle of Jaisalmer's past merchants.

Gadisar Lake: Once a water conservation tank, it's now a popular tourist spot where families can enjoy boat rides and feed catfish. The entrance archway, Tilon Ki Pol, and surrounding temples add to its beauty.

Desert National Park: Covering an area of 3,100 square kilometers, this park showcases the rich biodiversity of the Thar Desert. Families can spot various desert wildlife species and witness the incredible Great Indian Bustard.

Cultural Experiences: Enjoy Rajasthani puppet shows, folk dance, and music performances. Trying out local cuisine, especially dishes like Dal Baati Churma, Gatte Ki Sabzi, and Ker Sangri, can be a delightful culinary experience for the family.

Local Shopping: The vibrant bazaars of Jaisalmer offer a range of items from Rajasthani quilts, embroidered fabrics, camel leather products, to silver jewelry.

Stay: From luxury desert camps to heritage havelis turned hotels, Jaisalmer offers diverse accommodation options. Families can even stay inside the fort for a unique experience.

Safety and Convenience: While Jaisalmer is generally safe for tourists, it's always advisable to stay cautious, especially in crowded areas. As with any travel destination, ensure you have the necessary vaccines and be mindful of street food to avoid any health issues.

Best Time to Visit: The ideal time for a family trip to Jaisalmer is between October and March when the weather is pleasant. The Desert Festival, held in February, is a cultural extravaganza that can further enrich the travel experience.

  • Ahmedabad to Ahmedabad AC Bus Transportation: This includes round-trip transportation by air-conditioned bus from Ahmedabad to Ahmedabad. It ensures that travelers have comfortable transportation to and from their destination.

  • Meals (2 Breakfast, 3 Lunch, 3 Dinner): This specifies the number and types of meals included in the package. It typically includes two breakfasts, three lunches, and three dinners during the course of the trip. Knowing the meal plan helps travelers plan for additional meals if needed.

  • 1 Night Stay at Jaisalmer: This indicates that the package includes one night of accommodation in Jaisalmer, the destination you'll be visiting. The quality and type of accommodation may vary, so it's essential to confirm these details.

  • 1 night Stay at Sam Dunes Tent City: Staying at Sam Dunes Tent City provides travelers with a unique and immersive experience in the desert, spending a night in traditional tents.

  • Local Guide: A local guide can enhance the travel experience by providing insights into the destination's culture, history, and attractions, making the trip more informative and enjoyable.

  • Group Manager: The presence of a group manager or tour leader ensures the smooth operation of the trip, managing logistics, schedules, and addressing any issues that may arise during the journey.

  • Jeep Safari: Jeep safaris offer an adventurous way to explore the local terrain or desert dunes, providing a thrilling and scenic experience.

  • Camel Safari: Camel safaris are a traditional and unique way to explore desert regions like Jaisalmer, allowing travelers to experience the desert landscape from a different perspective.

  • Traditional Welcome: A traditional welcome can include warm hospitality, local rituals, refreshments, or cultural elements that provide travelers with a taste of the local customs and traditions.

  • Cultural Program: A cultural program often involves performances or activities that showcase the local culture, such as dance, music, or other traditional forms of entertainment, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in the destination's cultural heritage. hbh

  • Transportation apart from the Itinerary: Travelers are responsible for any transportation costs outside of what's specified in the package itinerary. This includes transportation to and from the departure point before and after the package.

  • Personal Expenses: Personal expenses such as shopping, souvenirs, phone calls, and any other personal purchases are not covered by the package.

  • Any entrance fee of monuments, museum, or camera charges, etc.: The cost of entry tickets to monuments, museums, or any additional charges for using cameras at these sites is not included. Travelers will need to pay these fees separately if they choose to visit these attractions.

  • Tips to Guide or any other Staff Member: Gratuity or tips for guides, drivers, or other staff members are not included in the package price. It's customary to tip for good service, and travelers should budget for this separately.

  • Food during Traveling: Meals while traveling to and from the destination, outside of the provided meals mentioned in the package, are not covered. Travelers will need to cover the cost of these meals themselves.

  • Any extra expenses not mentioned in inclusion (e.g., Parasailing, ATB Ride, Etc.): Optional activities or excursions that are not part of the core itinerary are not included in the package. Travelers may choose to participate in these activities at an additional cost.

  • Medical Treatment apart from First Aid: Any medical expenses beyond basic first aid are not included in the package. Travelers should have their own travel insurance to cover medical emergencies. 


Clothing: Loose-fitting clothes for daytime warmth, full-sleeved tops to prevent sunburn, and adequate woolens like sweaters and caps for cooler nights. Thermals are advisable for those who are sensitive to the cold​.

Medicines: Carry medicines for common ailments like headaches, fever, and stomach aches, as well as any personal medications​.

Gadgets: Spare camera batteries, a power bank, and enough memory cards for your devices​.

Miscellaneous: An eye mask, neck pillow, light blanket, earplugs, books, and board games for entertainment during travel​.

Body Care: Lip balm, sunblock, sunglasses, caps, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer to protect against the elements​.

Eatables & Drinks: Snacks like chocolates, biscuits, and dry fruits which provide instant energy and are easy to carry​.

Bags: A rucksack for clothes and a smaller backpack for essentials. Waist bags can be useful for carrying valuables​.

Identification: A government-approved photo ID for verification purposes


    Time Management and Punctuality: Participants are expected to be punctual and follow trip rules, including adherence to specified timings.

    Code of Conduct: Participants must also adhere to the code of conduct during the trip and follow instructions given by volunteers, guides, or instructors.

     Disciplinary IssuesMisbehavior or arguing with volunteers, guides, or instructors is considered a serious matter and may result in disciplinary action.

    Termination: In case of disciplinary violations or if a participant wishes to leave the camp voluntarily, Gujarat Adventure Club reserves the right to rusticate or terminate their participation. In such cases, the club is not responsible for further services, return tickets, refunds, or the participant's safety.

    Internal Disputes: The club is not responsible for internal disputes or quarrels among participants during the tour.



    Prohibition: Smoking, alcohol consumption, tobacco use, drug usage, and the use of abusive language are strictly prohibited during the group tour.

    Consequences of Violation: If any participant is found to be in violation of these prohibitions, they will be considered a suspect, and their participation in the tour will be terminated immediately.

    No Further Services: In the event of a violation, Gujarat Adventure Club will not provide the individual with any further services, including return tickets, refunds, or other forms of assistance.

    These prohibitions and restrictions are in place to maintain a safe and respectful environment during the tour, and participants are expected to adhere to these rules to ensure the well-being and enjoyment of all members of the group.



    Payment Methods: Payments for tours can be made through two methods: Online through the club's website registration portal (www.gujaratadventureclub.com), In cash at registered offices listed on the website.

    Third-Party Payments: Gujarat Adventure Club does not accept payments through any third-party portals, agents, booking offices, mobile applications, or similar channels. Payments should only be made through the official website or at registered offices.

    Advance Payments: Depending on the type of tour, the club requires advance payments as follows:

    o   For booking Local Camps and other National tours, participants must pay half of the tour cost in advance.

    o   For National Camps, participants can register with just 30% advance payment.

    It's important to note that this advance payment is non-refundable.

    Enquiry and Registration Hours: The club's enquiry and registration services are available from 10 AM to 7 PM on all days, except for public holidays. You can contact them at the provided phone numbers: +918347716111, -918347416111, +917572916111, and +917573916111

    Website Information: The information available on the club's website is considered final and authoritative. In case of any miscommunication or misinterpretation over the helplines, the information on the website prevails

    Dispute Resolution: If you have any disputes or complaints, you can raise them by sending an email to gujadventureclub@gmail.com. 


    Seat Availability and Preferences.

    Transportation arrangements are made based on the availability of seats.

    The club does not offer seating preferences or special services for participants.

    In some local trips, seat numbers are provided after booking.

    Train tickets are booked subject to seat availability, and the status of waiting or RAC tickets is not within the control of Gujarat Adventure Club.

    The status of train tickets, including waiting or RAC status, will be communicated to participants during the booking process.

    Unforeseen Circumstances:

    In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as being stuck at a place due to natural calamity or being unable to board the transport vehicle on schedule, participants are responsible for any additional expenses that may arise.

    This includes costs associated with extra accommodation facilities, arranging new transportation, and other related expenses.

    Gujarat Adventure Club does not bear the responsibility for covering these additional costs.

    Vehicle Responsibility:

    Seat/Window Inspection: Before boarding the vehicle, participants must check the condition of their seats/windows.

    Damage Reporting: If any damage is noticed, participants should inform the respective volunteer or instructor. Failure to report damages may result in the participant being responsible for the repair costs.




    Separate Facilities: Accommodation and sanitary facilities for girls and boys are provided separately to ensure privacy and comfort.


    Food Options: The club offers Jain and Swaminarayan food at the campsite and hotels. Non-vegetarian food is not allowed at the campsite.

    Hotel Stay: For trips involving hotel stays, the club provides food from the hotels.

    Camping: During camping trips, Gujarati food is served.

    Uttarakhand Region: In Uttarakhand region camps, local food is provided by the club.

    Pre-Decided Menu: Gujarat Adventure Club has a pre-decided food menu that takes into account camp hygiene and health considerations.

    No Customization: Participants are not allowed to make specific food choices, preferences, or demands.

    Health Responsibility: The club is not responsible for any health-related issues that may arise if a participant chooses to skip meals.

    Room/Tent Responsibility:

    Check-in/Check-out: Participants are requested to inspect their rooms/tents before check-in and check-out.

    Damaged or Missing Items: If any items are found to be damaged, lost, or stolen from their room/tent, the participant is solely responsible and must bear the expenditure for replacements or repairs.




    ·         Cancellation requests must be sent via email to gujadventureclub.com@gmail.com.

    ·         Cancellation will be granted by the Senior Registration Manager or Higher Authorities.

    ·         The cancellation amount will be calculated based on the total camp fees.

    ·         Cancellation Due to Natural Calamity or Unforeseen Circumstance:

    ·         If a camp is called off at the last moment due to a natural calamity or unforeseen circumstance (e.g., massive rain, earthquakes, landslides, strike, bandh), the amount paid by participants will be transferred for the same trip or rescheduled.

    ·         If the trip is cancelled by Gujarat Adventure Club for its own reasons, a full refund will be issued.

    ·         Refund Details:

    ·         Transaction charges are not refundable by banks/payment gateways.

    ·         Refund processing time is 7 to 12 working days, and the refund will be credited directly into the bank account.

    ·         Cancellation Charges for Local Camp/Trip:

    o   Advance payment/token payment is non-refundable.

    o   Cancellations made before 35 days from the start of the journey will receive a full refund.

    o   Cancellations between 35 days and 25 days before the journey will receive a 75% refund.

    o   Cancellations between 25 days and 15 days before the journey will receive a 50% refund.

    o   Cancellations between 15 days and 07 days before the journey will receive a 25% refund.

    o   Cancellations between 07 days and 04 days before the journey will receive a 10% refund.

    o   Cancellations made less than 04 days before the start of the journey will not be eligible for a refund.


    ·         Cancellation Charges for National Camp/Tour:

    o   Advance payment/token payment is non-refundable.

    o   Cancellations made before 90 days from the start of the journey will receive a full refund.

    o   Cancellations between 89 days and 48 days before the journey will receive a 50% refund.

    o   Cancellations made less than 47 days before the start of the journey will not be eligible for a refund.



    ·         In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the schedule of the program or trip may be subject to change or modification.

    ·         Participants are responsible for covering the additional expenses that may arise due to such changes. This includes costs for extra accommodation facilities, new transport arrangements, and other commodities.

    ·         Gujarat Adventure Club is not responsible for bearing these additional expenses, and participants are expected to manage them themselves.

    ·         If a trek or tour is called off at the last moment due to a natural calamity/unforeseen circumstance (like Massive Rains, earthquake, landslides, strike, lockdowns, curfews) no amount will be refunded. According to the situation, there will be some alternatives provided.




    Rescheduling Conditions:

    ·         Rescheduling is available only for local camps.

    ·         Participants can reschedule their camp for the following reasons:

    ·         Academic Curriculum: In the case of a sudden change in the exam schedule.

    ·         Medical Emergency: In the event of a serious injury.

    ·         Rescheduling is allowed up to 5 days before the camp departure date. It is not provided in the last 5 days before departure.

    ·         Documentation Required for Rescheduling:

    ·         To request rescheduling, participants must submit valid proof based on the reason for rescheduling:

    ·         Academic Curriculum: Provide a call letter from the university and college ID proof (for exam-related changes).

    ·         Medical Emergency: Submit a medical certificate with all respective reports from the hospital, signed by a MBBS post or higher authorities.

    ·         Rescheduling is only available for participants who have valid proof for the above-mentioned reasons.

    Cancellation Charges for Travel Arrangements:

    ·         Participants who opt for rescheduling must pay the cancellation charges for their travel arrangements.

    Limits on Rescheduling:

    ·         Rescheduling is a one-time option and is not available for a second time.

    ·         The rescheduling option is offered only to participants facing emergencies, while other friends or colleagues on the same camp must continue with the original schedule.

    ·         This rescheduling policy is designed to accommodate participants who face unforeseen academic or medical emergencies, while maintaining the organization's commitment to its camp schedule and ensuring fairness for all participants.



    Collection of Contact Information:

    ·         When booking a tour on the website, Gujarat Adventure Club collects contact information, including your name and email address. In some cases, partial or full postal addresses or telephone numbers may also be required.

    ·         This contact information is solely used for the purpose of communicating with you regarding your booked tour.

    Sharing of Contact Information:

    ·         In rare cases, Gujarat Adventure Club may need to share your contact information with tour guides who are responsible for the booked tour. This is done to facilitate communication and coordination during the tour.

    Data Security:

    ·         The club uses advanced online security measures to safeguard your personal data, especially when collecting payment information such as credit card numbers or bank transfer details.

    WhatsApp Group Sharing:

    ·         After completing the registration, a WhatsApp group link may be shared either through messages or online portals.

    ·         By joining the group, you agree to share your personal details, including your mobile number, profile photo, and name, with other participants in the group.

    ·         Gujarat Adventure Club explicitly states that it is not responsible for any future disputes or issues that may arise between participants within the WhatsApp group.



    ·         The statement "All Rights Reserved" indicates that Gujarat Adventure Club holds the exclusive rights to the content on its website, and it prohibits the use or reproduction of this content for any commercial purposes without explicit permission from the club.

    ·         Additionally, the club reserves the right to amend its privacy policy at any time. This means that the privacy policy may be updated or modified to reflect changes in the club's practices or in response to regulatory requirements. It is advisable for users to periodically review the privacy policy to stay informed about any changes or updates.



    Basic First Aid Facilities

    The club provides basic first aid facilities at all camps and treks to address minor injuries or health issues.

    Medical Emergencies:

    In the event of a medical emergency, Gujarat Adventure Club will attempt to contact the emergency contact number provided by the participant.

    If the emergency contact person does not respond in a timely manner, the club will follow the instructions provided by the senior-most person available at the camp.

    Seeking Medical Treatment:

    The club will make efforts to secure the best available medical facilities as quickly as possible in case of a medical emergency.

    ·         However, participants are responsible for covering the costs of medical treatment, transportation to medical facilities, and related expenses in case of a medical emergency.

    Expenses Responsibility:

    ·         Gujarat Adventure Club does not bear any medical expenses for minor or major injuries or sickness that occur during the camp. Only immediate first-aid facilities will be provided.

    Emergency Health Service:

    ·         Participants will have access to emergency health services in cases where no emergency family contact provided by the participant is available.

    ·         However, the expenses for these services will not be borne by Gujarat Adventure Club.



    Restrictions on Photography and Video Sharing:

    ·         Participants are not allowed to share any photos or videos taken during the event for commercial use without prior permission from the organization.

    Rights of the Organization:

    ·         Gujarat Adventure Club reserves the right to feature participant photos for promotional events.

    ·         Participants should be aware that no claims will be entertained regarding the use of their photos for promotional purposes by the organization.



    Participant Responsibility:

    ·         Participants are solely responsible for their luggage, including any damage or items that may go missing during the event.

    ·         It is the participant's responsibility to check their luggage before and after it is loaded onto and unloaded from transport vehicles.

    Lost and Found Items:

    ·         If Gujarat Adventure Club's team finds any item during the event, it will be registered under "store stuff."

    ·         Claiming a lost item will require appropriate proof to ensure that it is returned to the rightful owner.



    Carrying Luggage During Trek:

    ·         Participants are required to carry their own luggage during trekking activities.

    ·         The club does not provide mules, porters, or carriers for participants. If a participant wishes to hire a carrier, they are solely responsible for bearing the associated charges.

    Participant's Responsibility:

    ·         Participants agree to participate in training camps and adventure activities with proper medical advice and at their own will and risk.

    ·         Participants are solely responsible for any injuries or accidents, whether minor or fatal, that occur during the camp or activities.

    ·         Participants understand and acknowledge the potential risks associated with wild animals and the dangerous condition of nearby water bodies.

    Physical Fitness Requirement:

    ·         Trekking requires basic physical fitness to sustain throughout the trek.

    ·         Instructors or guides have the right to terminate a participant's summit if they suspect the participant is unfit to continue.

    ·         Compliance with Trek Rules:

    ·         During treks, participants are expected to follow the rules and techniques provided by the club and adhere to the principles of mountaineering.

    Trek Routes:

    ·         Trek routes are decided by Gujarat Adventure Club to ensure the safety and suitability of the journey.

    ·         Participants are not allowed to deviate from the designated route to take shortcuts.

    ·         Rushing ahead of the instructor is discouraged, and participants are advised to maintain a suitable pace.

    Consent for Participants Below 18:

    ·         Participants below 18 years of age must submit a consent form signed by their guardian or parents.



    Participant Fitness and Safety:

    ·         If, during the trek, the instructor feels that it is unsafe to continue with a particular participant due to fitness or safety concerns, the instructor has the right to take real-time action as needed.

    ·         In such cases, the instructor may decide to send the participant back from the trek.

    ·         It's important to note that in these situations, no refund or return service will be provided to the participant.



    ·         The term "jurisdiction" in this context typically refers to the legal authority or control that Gujarat Adventure Club has over its activities, policies, and operations.

    ·         This clause may also imply that any legal disputes or issues related to the club's activities will be governed by the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in Ahmedabad.



    I hereby agree that I am participating in this Adventure & Trekking Camp with proper medical advice on my own will & risk. I am solely responsible for any injury or accident (minor/fatal) taken place during the camp. GUJARAT ADVENTURE CLUB is not responsible for any such cases/incidence/accidents taken place in the above-mentioned subject. I also understand the risk from wild animals and the dangerous state of water bodies nearby the campsite. I have agreed to the Terms and Conditions attached with this form.

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